Cullinan & Associates – South Africa’s first carbon neutral law firm

Cullinan & Associates has announced that it is ‘proud to be the first carbon neutral law firm in South Africa’. Its goal with regard to ecological sustainability is to remain carbon neutral while also reducing its ecological footprint. Steps that have been taken to reduce its carbon emissions include moving its head office closer to where more of its staff members live as well as implementing energy efficiency and waste reduction measures. Continue reading

‘Humans must be to blame for climate change, say scientists’

A recent study, updating the IPCC 2007 report, shows that natural factors cannot be the cause of climate change, thus strengthening the argument for anthropogenic climate change –

‘Climate scientists have delivered a powerful riposte to their sceptical critics with a study that strengthens the case for saying global warming is largely the result of man-made emissions of greenhouse gases.

 The researchers found that no other possible natural phenomenon, such as volcanic eruptions or variations in the activity of the Sun, could explain the significant warming of the planet over the past half century as recorded on every continent including Antarctica. Continue reading

Governing Climate Change (book) – Harriet Bulkeley and Peter Newell

Governing Climate Change provides a short and accessible introduction to how climate change is governed by an increasingly diverse range of actors, from civil society and market actors to multilateral development banks, donors and cities.

The issue of global climate change has risen to the top of the international political agenda. Despite ongoing contestation about the science informing policy, the economic costs of action and the allocation of responsibility for addressing the issue within and between nations, it is clear that climate change will continue to be one of the most pressing and challenging issues facing humanity for many years to come. Continue reading


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