‘Capacity building required if SA is to avert water crisis’

Engineering News, 25 February 2011

South African Institute of Civil Engineering water division chairperson Dr Chris Herold says that the county’s water crisis is not at this stage a result of demand outstripping supply, but a mismatch between water demand and supply, which is largely a man-made problem.

This is compounded by the fact that 30% to 40% of water is lost, which also raises the issue of efficient water use by all sectors.

Herold told the inaugural South African Water and Energy Forum (SAWEF) that role-players, such as the Department of Water Affairs, were losing expertise and institutional capacity at an alarming rate.

The SAWEF hopes to create space in which key players from all sectors can be brought together to engage with one another.

The organisation also wants to create a platform to support sustainable employment for the millions of unemployed people in South Africa.

“To solve the problem, we need to build essential capacity. We need political will, finances and capacity to address the problem,” said Herold.


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One Response

  1. it is not difficult with all or part of the Water Rhapsody Systems of Conservation to reduce demand for water by 50% at worst. if this were done among other spin offs would be that the effluent reaching all (mostly dysfunctional) sewerage treatment works would be reduced by 90%. Add to the sum of the conservation systems, the augmentation of water supply with the Water Rhapsody Grand Opus and most households, commercial and industrial buildings could be off the grid so to speak during the rainy season, wherever you are in South Africa.

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