Creative Capitalism – Bill Gates

Bill Gates defines Creative Capitalism as ” an attempt to stretch the reach of market forces so that more companies can benefit from doing work that makes more people better”

He goes on to state that “too many people are missing out on a historic, century-long improvement in quality of life”.

Read some of his ideas in the Time Magazine article (Jul 31, 2008) or watch the video on,8599,1828069,00.html

Rethinking Social Contracts: Building Resilience in a Changing Climate

The article considers how Resilience Thinking provides a new way of looking at social contracts, emphasising the dynamics, links and complexity of coupled social-ecological systems

The State on Green Business Report 2010

Excellent report with useful links and additional resources.

State of Green Business

Insurance Regulators backtrack on Climate Disclosure Plans

Reversing course from a landmark decision made one year ago, insurance regulators on Sunday backed off plans to require insurers to disclose the risks they face from climate change, switching instead to a voluntary and confidential framework rather than mandatory public disclosures

Read more:

Five Social Capitalists who will Change the World in 2010

Which companies are doing amazing things in the world of socially-conscious business?
From Food to Education, these ethonomical firms are changing their industries

The Economic Insurance Value of Ecosystem Resilience

Ecosystem resilience, i.e. an ecosystem’s ability to maintain its basic functions
and controls under disturbances, is often interpreted as insurance: by decreasing
the probability of future drops in the provision of ecosystem services, resilience insures
risk-averse ecosystem users against potential welfare losses. This paper uses a general and stringent
definition of “insurance” and a simple ecological-economic model to derive the
economic insurance value of ecosystem resilience and study how it depends on ecosystem
properties, economic context, and the ecosystem user’s risk preferences.Economic Insurance Value of Ecosystem Insurance


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