FIFA governs climate-related risk

Hotel could lose out on hosting German Team

The High Court in Pretoria has ordered the owners of a hotel booked by the German World Cup squad to submit daily weather reports to the Tshwane municipality because some of its facilities are below the flood plain.

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Urban Informality and the formally educated

The informal economy is often associated with low-skilled residents, often isolated from job opportunities by their limited skills set(s). However, the current economic and climate conditions are pushing more and more people with formal education and varied skills sets into the informal economy. The article explores this phenomena in Zimbabwe where women are increasingly working in the informal sector thus challenging the idea that the ‘black economy’ – as it has often been referred to – is home to the uneducated.

Will this increase of educated people in the informal sector help us to look at this sector of the economy with less skepticism and be more realistic and embracing about its contribution to the ‘formal’ economy?
My view is that governments and the broader community alike need to be more aware and sensitive to the accessibility of service that we are/can be afforded through the informal business sector.

“The IPCC has become discredited because of systemic failings, not trivial flaws that sophistry may brush aside”

With increasing global fervor around climate change and its impacts on our daily lives and our contribution towards these impacts, the IPCC projections and information seem to have come under close scrutiny. Many have people have questioned the IPCC reports on the grounds that there seems to be little consensus on the results; others question the ‘science’ on which these findings are based; while others say that the science is overrated because what we are experiencing is inherent change and that we will (as we have always done) adapt to current and future change. Continue reading


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