Article on Tradable Permits in Developing Countries

Jessica Coria and Thomas Sterner ‘Tradable Permits in Developing Countries: Evidence from air pollution in Chile’ 2010 (19:2) The Journal of Environment and Development 145-170

Santiago was one of the first cities outside the OECD to implement a tradable permit program to control air pollution. This article looks closely at the program’s performance over the past 10 years, stressing its similarities and discrepancies with trading programs implemented in developed countries and analyzing how it has reacted to regulatory adjustments and market shocks. Studying Santiago’s experience Continue reading

Chatham House report on ‘Scaling up Renewable Energy in Developing Countries’

Scaling up the use of renewable energy is a key plank of building a genuinely low carbon energy system. This is needed to deliver both significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, greater energy security and resilience to volatile fuel prices, as well as access to modern energy.

Accessing greater finance and investment will be decisive to achieve higher levels of renewable energy (RE) uptake in developing countries. The scale of capital flows required are very significant indicating that private finance from outside national boundaries is likely to be required, alongside domestic sources of capital. Continue reading


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