Article on the role of indigenous knowledge in adapting to drought in Kenya

Chinwe Ifejika Speranza, Boniface Kiteme, Peter Ambenje, Urs Wiesmann and Samuel Makali ‘Indigenous knowledge related to climate variability and change: insights from droughts in semi-arid areas of former Makueni District, Kenya’ 2010 (100:2) Climatic Change 295-315

This article describes the indigenous knowledge (IK) that agro-pastoralists in larger Makueni District, Kenya hold and how they use it to monitor, mitigate and adapt to drought. It examines ways of integrating IK into formal monitoring, how to enhance its value and acceptability. Data was collected through target interviews, group discussions and questionnaires covering 127 households in eight villages. Daily rainfall data from 1961–2003 were analysed. Results show that agro-pastoralists hold IK on indicators of rainfall variability; they believe in IK efficacy and they rely on them. Continue reading


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